I love photography since I was 2o years old.
Photography is something that makes me feel alive.

I was born in Jakarta July 4th 1969, grew up in East Java, Lombok island and Kuta Bali.
I love to read articles about photography since I was at Senior high school.

My business currently is exporter of Indonesia handicrafts and furniture and I always bring my cameras with me and spent sometime taking pictures when I go to site, like Sumatra, Kalimantan for my rattan business, Lombk, Bali and many other places.

I sell my photo creation at Shutterstock.com , please follow the link ;

Beside selling the foto on Shutterstock I sell in this website.

I love to sell my photo with the wooden frames made out of recycled wood so the pictures are looking much better and also I can sell my wooden craft products.

Please feel free to contact me if you need partner to go photography trip in Indonesia.

Keep Shooting !!